7 steps to a successful digital marketing campaign


Digital marketing is the new age business and marketing tool for corporate and business houses of all types and sizes across the world. Even the traditional Business 2 Business houses are accepting the digital revolution in a rapid manner. For past few years, big B2B houses have employed digital marketing tools like PPC, SEO, SMM, and Email marketing to get better and faster result. But sometimes big B2B houses fail to make most of the digital marketing practices due to some basic faults. Here are some of the tips that might be helpful to create a successful and more effective digital marketing strategy for your business.

  • Develop a well-defined strategy  

  Studies say 51% of the B2B houses lack well defined and structured digital marketing strategy. A well-defined strategy helps you approach a well-defined audience and you can plan using frameworks like RACE, the 5Ss, and 5Ps.

  • Develop and maintain a responsive and informative website

A well-maintained website and a structured online catalogue can be the first decision making touch point for any B2B company. Create and maintain a customer-centric website with features like call- to- action, set up Google analytics goals and keep a track on the lead generation devices.

  • Social Media for Business

It's found that 57% of the inbound marketers generate leads from LinkedIn, 52% from Face Book and 44% from Twitter. Choose which social media platform is best for you and write informative and optimized contents and use all the relevant features from social media platforms to cultivate best results.

  • Search Marketingt

Search volumes are lower in B2B, but a long tail strategy might be helpful to target tightly. You can group target key phrases used by the decision makers and at the same time, you can use effective online PR and outreach to build quality backlinks.

  • Content Marketing

Studies say that nearly 49% of the companies are interested to invest more and more in content marketing. Make a smart move, create and maintain a content marketing machine that will help your audience to learn and work smart.

  • Lead generation and E-CRM

Studies find that 35% of the B2B companies conduct lead nurturing campaigns, and of them, nearly 45% get effective results. Take smart steps like creating a landing page, using call-to-action across the site and use welcome mail and profiles to create a good relationship with your prospective customers.

  • Analytics and Improvement

The Digital Analytics Association says that less than 50% of the B2B houses use Analytics properly. It is unfortunate that even the big B2B houses are yet to explore the power of Analytics to run successful digital marketing campaigns. Tap the power of Analytics to fully explore the power of digital marketing campaigns.
Here are some of the tips that might be helpful to run a successful digital marketing campaign. Matters nothing what kind of company you have, there are eight goals thought to be relevant for any B2B companies across the world. They are: Contact us form, Quick enquiry form, Call back request, Site registration form, PDF Download, Product Video News, Trial/Demo requests, Webinar/ Event sign up. Only a well executed digital marketing campaign can help you achieve all these goals as mentioned and even more.