We not only specialize in sending bulk SMS but have made sure that through our innovative products with advanced features, our clients gets to capture data involving their customers via the bitly/linked engaged texts we send. This smart product is able to create communications with the audience which incite action and showcase the client’s product in a meticulous manner.
Thanks to the smart feature of our product, we get in touch with the customers only during their preferable or desirable time of the day and help redirect their actions as per logics inbuilt by you.
Our reach is not just restricted to only one City or State but in fact we help our clients reach their target audience at PAN India level.
Our Customised designed solutions have helped industries like Real Estate,Education,Health,Automobile, Retail, E-commerce to attain and engage customers in a more efficient and orderly manner.
Today advertising and marketing has become the most important and crucial aspect of any industry. India being a 35,000 crore, ever growing advertising industry has multiple opportunities up for offers.
A part of advertisement and marketing industry is mobile marketing and if experts are to be believed,
then mobile marketing can be considered as the future of marketing and sales.

● In a recent survey conducted by Facebook, it has been found out that during TV shows, viewers paid attention to mobile 28% of the time, and during TV ads, they paid attention to mobile more than half the time. People ages 18–24 looked at their smartphones 60% of the time during TV ads, and people ages 45 and over did so 41% of the time.

● In other survey, it was revealed that in 2018, 52.2 % of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones, up from 50.3 % in the previous year.

● In 2017, 95.1 percent of active Facebook user accounts accessed the social network via mobile device.

So it can well be inferred that people are now more inclined towards mobile devices than they are for say, TV or Desktop.

Mobile phone, being a device that can very easily fit into your palm is enough for a person to stay connected with anyone from around the globe and it is through the very same device, advertisers from anywhere in the world can target their potential customers.

Having already worked with over 4000 clients and helping them to reach their targets,
Onex Solutions Pvt Ltd. is now widening its horizon and hence is expanding across India
in order to achieve its target to become India’s #1 Text Marketing Company.
We have been stationed in Kolkata for the last 7 years and currently we are the #1 Text Marketing Company in the city of Joy and now through the distributorship model, we are expanding our wings in order to serve our clients more effectively and efficiently.
With the help of this distributorship model, we shall be expanding our reach to
other geographical territory and gain more PAN India clients.
Why Choose Us ?

Low Investment and High Returns

This distributorship model can turn out to be beneficial as with a low investment, you can expect a great return and thus the distributorship model helps you generate revenue for yourself in a very short span of time. It would also turn out to be advantageous to those who prefers to have ownership and complete control regarding the distributorship model.

No Gestation Period

With the growth of advertisement industry, digital marketing is currently the best industry to be in.Due to its massive demand, this industry does not block your funds and create gap of gestation periods. Your funds will start to yield profits as soon as you make it marketable. It’s a proven fast revenue generation business model.

Successful Business Model

Having worked in this industry with the biggest and the known brands for the last seven years, Onex Solutions have built a name for itself and is already a pioneer in the digital marketing industry. Ours is a successful and time tested proven business model.

Brand Value

One of the benefits of working with an already established and successful brand is penetration and getting a foothold into the market becomes fairly straightforward. Our work and customer-oriented solutions makes us stand out and hence our products are more approachable and saleable in the market.

Never Failing Support and Seamless Training

Our technical team is well equipped and skilled enough to provide you quality training to educate you about our products. We will get you explainer videos, power-point presentation and will help you in every way we can to make you understand our product.

Easy to Start

No prerequisite knowledge of digital marketing or advertisement experience is required in order to sale our products and in fact you do not even require an office space, all that is needed is a laptop with an internet connection and you are good to go.

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A distributor would be appointed for a city as agreed by Onex Solutions. He would be given a stock out, which he is expected to sell within a year to earn profits for himself. Onex will not have any share on those profits. Similarly, Onex is not liable for any loss incurred by the distributor during any of his business transaction with a third party.
Being an exclusive distributor, a person would have exclusive rights of the city, assigned to him. Also through the exclusive distributorship the person would be extended the opportunity to convert into franchise only on the sole decision of Onex, depending upon the ability and performance of the distributor.
The time period of agreement would be for a tenure of 1 year (For both general & exclusive). If the performance of the distributor is praiseworthy, the agreement terms will be renewed. The performance to be assessed by Onex Solutions Pvt Ltd.
The distributor must be passionate and has networks in the city he is working from, so that he can sale the product with ease. Though Advertising, Marketing, Press, Digital Marketing, IT is preferred but are not necessary skills that the distributor must possess. People who are willing to put their time, effort and is interested in this initiative are more than welcome to be a part of our Onex Solution family. To become an eligible distributor, one must qualify the following criteria:
  • ● Minimum Educational Qualification - Graduate
  • ● Has good communication/negotiation skills
  • ● Willingness to deliver, is active in his work.
  • ● Decent knowledge about his/her city and surrounding places.
  • ● Open to networking and building relationships.
  • ● Person looking for a long term business and has long term goals.
  • ● Knows the basics of marketing.
Stocks not used within an year will be bought back by Onex at % depreciated rates.
Onex conducts numerous Marketing and Branding activities on a National and State Level periodically. This would help create brand recall when the Distributors tries to pitch product in the market
However, Local Sales and Marketing Activities would need to be conducted by the Distributor. They would need to tap into their Social Network to generate prospects. Onex can share the soft copy of Marketing Collaterals to help the Distributor. They can always ask for planning and strategizing support from the HO Onex Marketing Team . Also Onex would always help and transfer leads if any received of that region catered by an Distributor.
However, if you wish to visit our Kolkata Office at any stage, you are most welcome to do so and our Team would love to meet you and welcome you to the Onex Family in person.
Give us call Mon - Fri 10 am to 6 pm
We are closed on Saturday and Sunday.
Toll free
Toll free
+91 33 4070 6070
Head Office:
DLF Galleria,Room No-503, 5th floor, Opp. Novotel Hotel, New Town, Kolkata - 700156