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What kind of bulk sms we provide?

We provide transactional, promotional with and without sender id panel.

Is there any timing for sending sms?

Yes, For promotional it is from 9am to 9pm.Transactional any time.

What is sender id?

Sender ID is an alphanumeric value that is used for messages as message sender's identification.

What kind of documents need for bulk sms and email?

i.For promotional sms, no document required ii. For promotional sms with sender id, Opt in Form and Trai Sender Id Form iii.For Transactional sms, Opt in Form and Trai Sender Id and templates validation Form. iv.For Bulk email, Opt In database and live website.

What kind of audio file format required for voice call?

Wav file

What kind of SMS can be sent to DND Numbers?

Only Transactional sms sent to DND numbers. Promotional SMS Can not be sent to DND Numbers.

What is VMN?

With a Virtual Mobile Number you are given a number that can receive SMS messages, which are forwarded to your server. The information received is captured by the SMS application.

What is our VMN Number?

Long Code-9212560700
Short Code-560700