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Product Description

A multi channel digital marketing strategy aiming at millions of targeted customers and prospects via mediums like Smartphone, Tablets and iPads. With our SMS marketing tool, you can reach out to as many as 10,000 prospective customers in one go. This can help you develop a one to one relation with your customer. Moreover, you can reach out to your customers at anytime of the day.

Variants of SMS Marketing

  • Transactional SMS : Integrate your CRM database with our service. With the help of our SMS tool, you can send updates like payment reminder, payment confirmation, thank you messages and other such updates. In the long run, this will enhance the brand image of your company and service.


  • Promotional SMS :With our customer friendly web panel, you can run SMS marketing campaign based on your own database. With the help of our panel, you can send promotional messages like new offers, new achievements, participation in any big event or even festival wishes. Sending those message regularly, will definitely enhance the brand image of your company and its service.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Engaging Existing Customer

Engaging Existing Customer

Sending regular sms might help your clients to stay updated about your company and its products. This might be helpful for them to visit you repeatedly for the product/service suitable to them. In this way, both your business and your clients will be benefited.

Acquire New Customer

Create New Customer

Sending regular messages is the easiest and most effective way to attract new customers for your business.

Smooth Communication Process

Smooth Communication Process

With the help of SMS, communication becomes smooth and simple with both your current and prospective customers.

Marketing and Branding

Marketing and Branding

A well crafted and strategic SMS Marketing will always help you to build a brand image of your company and its services.