PRODUCT | Real DB Push

Premium product Of One X Solutions For Real Estate & Corporate Sector


Real DB Push is not choosing database on sampling basis. We understand client requirement and accordingly filters database. From time to time we keep up building and updating our database. The database to be used on real time basis would be specific, targeted and result oriented. Real DB Push is a premium tool for promotion on desired database with right monitoring, better analysis and to meet the customer expectation. Along with this we will provide MIS, details of SMS sent. Also you would get Free Short Code/Long Code/Miss call Number.

How  Real- DB Push different from DB-Push :


  • Filtered data - In Real DB- Push the data for the campaign is more filtered. As the confirmation is regarding the campaign, our team does a special filtration as per your requirement.

  • Multiple Segregations - In Real DB-Push multiple segregation can be done. The parameters for choosing the database will vary from 2 to 3 categories depending upon the availability in databank.

For example : Ajanta company wants a SMS campaign in South Kolkata on Female with age group 30+

So this type of segregation can only be done on Real - DB Push.

  • More Leads  - In Real DB-Push your get more leads. As the datas are more fine tuned its help you target the more appropriate audience.

Specially Launched for the Real- Estates sector and Corprates.