Do you know how do we help you to Monetize Data?

DATA doesn’t only mean Mobile No. & Email Address but there are 37 Attributes hidden behind each data often.
We take care of each and every customer’s attributes in order to make the data safe and help you earn more by bringing them closer to you.

It is legal under the Data Protection Privacy Law and we are compliant with TRAI Regulation.


Business Solutions


We run ideas and campaigns using various channel Lucky Draw, Miss Call,
Feedback Forms, Discount Book, etc.,
to collect Data for your Business.
Recently we have launched Onex Card in order to collect the database of
interested users.


We assist to use ready data of 800+ Publisher to promote your business across
India with a specific target audience.We have publishers to help you reach Sec A,
B, C
profile segmented audience. We can run Pin-code
wise specific campaigns.

We offer data solution for B2B business like reaching to 8000+ Schools in Bengal or 1,30,000 in India.

M-Classifieds: Reach up to 10,000 your right target audience in just Rs. 2500/-

At present, we have Pin-code specific database available.

mBOOST: Reach up to 47+ Crore audience in India directly on their Mobile Phone by sending your content via SMS.

m-AD: Utilising Omni-channels in order to reach a consumer’s mind through the following channels:-

{SMS, Email, Voice, Whatsapp, Facebook}


We help you engage your existing customers by running regular communication
with them on special occasions.We also prepare the flow of communication
which is apt. for you and your company.
The cost is {Rs. 13/- p.a.} 1 consumer per year {ONEngage}


We help you by providing Validated Data by running the
Mobile or Email on our partner server:
{vLookUp - Get Data Enchance}
DATA = Mobile + Email + Name + Age + Sex + Location + 31 ATTRIBUTES


We are a National Publisher with experience of working for 4000+ brands
from the various sectors who can send content in regional languages
and deliver across all our expertise channels via.

SMS: 8 lakh/min | EMAIL: 1 crore/day | VOICE: 10 lakh/hour

We have solutions for both B2B & B2C which can help you reach Tier
1/2/3/4 cities.




Voice Call





12 Hours of work which includes the Teliphonic Support

Telephonic Support
Library for SMS and Creative



Weekly visits and number of visits not more than 12

Telephonic Support
Library for SMS and Creative



12 hours of work on a client during a month

Telephonic Support
Library for SMS and Creative


Launched Onex Solutions in 2013.

After having worked with Ernst and Young for over a year, he decided to take a leap of faith and quit his job to have a go at his business venture, which presently has turned out to be a frontrunner in the digital marketing sector in Eastern India.

Thanks to his hard work and dedication, in the first year itself, Onex Solution has recorded a turnover of 32 lakh rupees with around 500 clients and then a year later in 2015-16, the company touched a turnover of around 1.4 crore with 2,500 clients. The very next year, in 2016, client base reached to 3000 and the turnover was almost doubled to 2.7 crore rupees.

Our Initiatives


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