Why your Business Needs Bulk SMS for Marketing?
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By Onex Team, 18 Jan. 2018

With an increase in mobile phone ownership nationwide, mobile devices provide a stable platform for the businesses to connect with their right audiences. With more than 850 million mobile phone users, India has the second biggest market for the mobile phone industry. Hence Text Marketing has grown to be a potential tool for brands to generate leads.

An SMS a day keeps the competitor away!

The increasing mobile phone penetration has evolved marketing, its methods, and medium over time. The high market competition has also become a big challenge for businesses to reach their consumers at the right time. This makes Mobile phones one of the best marketing tools.

A recent study states that Indians spend roughly 3-5 hours a day on phone, therefore lowering the possibilities of your SMS getting ignored.

Ensures a better reach:

Bulk SMS has a considerably better reach to the audience than any other marketing method. There are about 900 million mobile phone users in India alone and the number is rapidly growing. This enlarges the reach of customers through Bulk SMS.

Easy and time-saving

Once the right data is generated and the appropriate content is curated, all you have to do is send an SMS. Once the SMS is sent there are huge chances of getting a lead on the very same day, making it the easiest and the least time-consuming technique.

Bulk SMS can be the ultimate lead generator provided the business stays consistent while notifying the segmented audience with the relevant content at the right time.

Be consistent

Consistency works as the key to any marketing method. Without consistency, any brand can fail to make an impression on their consumers. It is an ongoing process, an SMS may generate a certain number of leads on the very first try however, to keep growing and maintaining a track record, one must be consistent.


The success of Bulk SMS Marketing campaign depends upon the proper timing. The chances of reading the SMS entirely depends upon the time of delivering the message. For example, a firm that delivers food can schedule a text even at night but the same timing may not serve the goal of a departmental store. Hence the timing of the SMS is a crucial element that needs to be taken care of and it varies from business to business.

With the right Bulk SMS service provider like Onex Solutions, Text marketing tool can help a brand extensively since the right one will know which set of audience will benefit your business and convert the lead to a potential customer. Need more information? Contact us today @08336985766.


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