5 Things to Consider Before Sending Bulk SMS
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By Onex Team, 19 Mar. 2017

Today, in the era of technological advancement there are several ways to promote your business. Where some businesses owner invests in television marketing, others follow the path of more traditional approach i.e. print media. If you want to reach maximum numbers of customers in one go with a budget that won't fry your wallet, the online SMS service is something you should consider.

With the Bulk SMS, now you can deliver a large number of SMS quickly and effortlessly via a PC. In recent years, the utilization of bulk SMS for marketing campaign has gained immense popularity. Today, Online SMS Service is used for a wide variety of text marketing campaigns. Some examples are: event and party reminders, sending greetings, product promotions, product discounts and thousands more.

So what do you need to keep in mind when sending multiple text messages?


This is the most important aspect which needs to take into consideration since you have to send a large number of numbers. Although it can be argued that cost combined with quality & reliability needs to be balanced if you want to get the best results out of your bulk SMS campaign.


It is essential that your text marketing campaigns contain appealing messages that convey your marketing message to your target customers without irritating them. It is all about building the perfect message for the service or product. People have a trend to like entertaining and informative SMS. It is likewise necessary that the SMSs are short; long messages are more likely to be neglected.


A powerful specialty is ensuring that Bulk SMS messages are customised to individual mobile phones; for instance, adding the recipient’s name.

Fast upload  

Fast upload of data from different file formats is remarkably necessary when sending multiple text messages to assure that messages are sent instantly, efficiently and at the same time.

Don't overdo  

Don't bombard the client with too many messages as this is likely to undermine the impact, causing them to neglect your messages or even unsubscribe altogether. Equally, don’t be a stranger – regular text can be great for increasing brand awareness and reminding your clients that you’re there.

The easiness of use and familiarity is what contributes to the high acceptance rate of a bulk SMS campaign, making it a sorcerer’s stone for any marketer to expand SMS campaign reach. SMS is now attacking people like never before, offering a plethora of possibilities to businesses who aim to get a grip on their customer base.

It is super easy to drive conversion and engagement through text SMS marketing alerts or gather instant feedback on services or products. SMS has emerged from personalized messaging service to a conversational tool capable of doing wonders for a business. Do you need more information? Why don't you contact an expert? Contact Onex Solution @033 - 4070 6070. We are one of the best online SMS service providers in India serving to help you reach your business goals with exceptional marketing strategies.


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