Top 5 Tips to Find Your Perfect Target Audience
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By Onex Solutions, 29 Feb. 2016

SMS marketing success begins with understanding how to find your target audience. After all, how can you start creating a marketing campaign before you know who your audience is?

Good SMS marketing campaigns take time. A lot of it. You can’t afford to waste that time with a campaign that isn’t perfectly focused on your target market. You have to find who your people are. But how?

That’s exactly what this blog will cover:

Study your existing customers

An excellent first step in understanding who wants to buy from you is to identify who is already using your services or products. Once you recognise the defining characteristics of your existing customer base, you can go after more people who fit the same mold.
Depending on how someone connects with your business, you might have only limited data about them or a lot. Don’t add a lot of questions if you have to gather data for research purpose from your existing clients. This can irritate consumers and result in abandoned shopping carts.

Keep an eye on the competition

In some ways, this is an alternative form of market analysis. Here, you’ll be watching at your competitors. Assess their brand, their brand voice, the types of marketing campaigns they use and the messaging they bring out in their advertising.

What techniques are they using? Why did they use this particular phrasing, rather than some other words? This image rather than that one? There’s a possibility your opponents don’t know what they’re doing, either, but even then, you can begin picking out what doesn’t work, or what appears wrong — and why.

Run Test

You can test everything from content to time of the delivery of the SMS. By testing, you can find out not only which tactic(s) work great, but also which titles, and calls to action resonate most with your target audience. Remember, not all tests is going to be successful. In fact, sometimes the greatest insights come from experiments that fail. Remember to regularly analyse your results and implement your findings to your next campaign.

Conduct surveys

It is the most straightforward way to discover more about your customers. It doesn’t take much to build and launch a survey, particularly with modern online tools.

Anything you want to know regarding your target customers, you can put in a question format and present to your social followers or email subscribers. From there, you can get the details and walk away with all the insights you ever needed.


With rapidly growing technology and increasingly fragmented customers, it’s necessary to reevaluate your SMS marketing campaign strategies on a regular basis. Avoid delivering old SMS and creative because you’re low on time and don’t assume an approach or tactic is going to be successful just because it worked in the past.

Homing in on the correct target audience can make a notable difference in the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. All of these plans will help you better understand your target demographics, but remember, this is still only one side of the equation. Once you understand the habits, behaviors, lifestyles, and choices of your key demographics, you’ll still need to mold and adjust your strategy accordingly.


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