Top 5 Reason Why Your SMS Marketing Campaigns Fail
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By Onex Solutions, 20 May. 2014

Several organisations have already integrated SMS into their overall marketing campaign strategy. This is because they have experienced the advantages of SMS marketing, including improved customer engagement rate, better website visitor rates and conversion, improved customer service, and much more.

However, not all organisations successfully implement the best tactics in their SMS campaign creation. Here are the common reasons why your efforts might fail even though you have a large amount of customer data.

Offers/ Deals  

What type of offers was sent out during your SMS campaign? Unless it is a truly excellent deal, how can you attract consumers to your business? It is necessary that you send out exclusive offers to those who subscribe to your SMS marketing campaigns. Make those offers accessible only to subscribers, and guarantee they are as personalised as possible. The better the deal the more people that will respond to the offer positively and they are likely to tell all of their colleagues, friends or family members about your offerings, too!

Every campaign is not meant for everyone

Know your customer demography before you start your SMS campaign. Don't send texts that are unrelated to some of your recipients. For instance, if you design planners for students and executives and are sending an SMS advertising the arrival of your latest collection for students, it wouldn’t be interesting for executives.

Call to action button

Every Text marketing campaign that you make should have a call-to-action button. Without it, the risk of failure is high, and if you are unable to implement this within messages, it could very well be why you are missing out today. A call-to-action is nothing more than a prompt that describes what you want clients to do next. This could be a redeem coupon, visit your store or bring friends to your SMS marketing campaign.

Not having a strong plan

When implementing SMS marketing for your business it is necessary that you do not go in blindly. You must have a plan/ strategy in place before the first message is sent out. Without a plan how can you succeed? No matter how great your text message or offer is, the success of your SMS campaign is dependent on a powerful promotional policy.

Sending plain, generic texts

Customers want to receive direct & clear text messages; however, they don’t enjoy the impersonal tone. Texting is meant to be personal, so make the tone conversational yet professional. If possible, add the subscriber’s name and your brand name for better recall.

Could it be one of the 5 above-mentioned reasons that your SMS marketing campaign failed? Maybe it is, but that doesn’t indicate that you cannot improve yourself and your campaign and try again. The statistics for SMS marketing are enormous, and it certainly works. In fact, researches report that SMSes are read by 85% of people they are sent to, and within a time span of just three minutes! But, for it to work and present the benefits that you want, you must know how to work your SMS campaigns. Else you’re not going to make it.


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