How to plan SMS Marketing?
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By Onex Team, 08 Nov. 2019

Today, we clearly notice a sharp shift in paradigm, as more and more brands are gradually inclining towards using SMS Marketing as a part of the marketing mix. Earlier if brands had to spread any news or message, the only medium was to put up hoardings or advertisements to let people know about their latest developments. But as times are changing, so are the modes and mediums. SMS Marketing has emerged as an innovative way to target people/audiences, not through age-old advertisements, but through their smartphones. This has increased their chances of communicating with their potential clients. SMS is easier for making communications because it is easy to target, personalized messages can be made and can be directed to the audience within a very short period of time. Whether it is just a text message or a link, the message can be targeted to the people, in a short and simple form. The only challenge here is to make proper segmentation and target the clients so that the message reaches the desired audience and is effective.

So, ideally, our first task is to segregate the audience, to whom the message will reach. For this, we need to conduct a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM). By doing an organized customer relationship management, we can identify the audiences' habits, choices like and dislikes on various issues. A detailed study has to be done on their previous purchases and spending, thus identifying their personality, making it easier to target the desired audience. Apart from this, a detailed segmentation has to be done to segregate the audience on the basis of certain parameters. The segmentation can be done on the basis of geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, and psychographic segmentation. When we conduct a geographic segmentation, we conduct market research, where we segregate the people on the basis of their location. When we do a demographic segmentation, we usually segregate the audience in terms of race, gender, income and other similar parameters. When we segregate audiences on the basis of psychographic segmentation, we segregate audiences in terms of their psychology and habits and mindset. After all of the segregation has been done, the SMS can be sent out to the desired group of people, to whom it will have the maximum effect. It should always be seen that the purpose of the entire SMS Marketing campaign is not wasted and reaches the target audience in an efficient way.

The next important task to do while planning an SMS Marketing campaign is to try and compose the message in the most concise way possible. In today’s fast world nobody has the time to go through an elaborate message and understand the things. So the best way to target the audience and convey the message would be to try and keep the message crisp. A concise message written in the crispiest manner will always have higher chances of grasping people’s attention than a long elaborate message which is going to consume a lot of time. The message should consist of 160 characters. Along with the message, additional information can be added such as website URL or any such similar links. The message content is going to be absolutely clear so that the audience can get an idea about the matter. One thing which is to be avoided is that caps are not preferred while sending messages. Putting the entire message in caps throw a negative impact and it is not that pleasing as well, for the people viewing it. The best advice would be to keep the message in normal fonts, not making it look over-surpassing, but giving out the details.

The third important thing to remember is what is the goal or purpose of the SMS Marketing Campaign?  An SMS Marketing campaign cannot be created purposelessly. If any brand wants to expand its current business in any possible way, it is mandatory to set a goal or decide the parameters that have to be achieved by the brand.

  • The main target/goal of every brand or marketer should be to attract new customers. If this is the goal, then every marketer should be able to craft the message in a very innovative way so as to put forward the message before the new potential clients. The format of the message should not vary and should be framed in a concise way to grasp people’s attention. Not only this, if the target not just the acquisition of new clients, but simultaneously strengthening the existing relationships with the clients, then this form of SMS Marketing can be a boost as well. If the brand wants to add some additional information, that their existing consumer should know, then the best way to get to the people is through SMS and their Smartphone. It’s the best way to reach out to your old customers and get your informative messages delivered to them in a seamless way.
  • Another important thing, every marketer should keep in mind is that, to boost engagement at every level. The marketer must always try to increase the engagement process, as this will not only improve the relationship between the brand/marketer and its clients but also help the clients know about the product and its uses in a clear way. Making messages clear and simple, and making it personalized improves higher chances of engagement with the clients. By adding GIF’s or links, or any other additional information improves the user engagement with the brand or the marketer.
  • It also happens, that an existing client may be used to the same old offers and details of a brand or marketer. From the perspective of a marketer, it is always important to identify the correct time, where the client may want some new inputs on a regular issue. Getting to hear the same thing over and over again can be monotonous. In these situations, if the marketer has come up with something new, then it is important that those new developments or latest advancements reach the client as early as possible. This is done to rekindle and strengthen old relationships with the existing clients. Without doing this, it will be impossible for the marketer to reach new heights.
  • Another important thing is segmenting the audience as per location, uses, purchasing habits and psychology. For doing this, thorough market research is done and after that based on the results, the segmentation is done, which makes it easier for the marketer to target the audience. It is important to understand that not every person will be attracted to the same thing and therefore, it is important to make the segregation, which makes targeting messages seamless to the audience.
  • Every marketing includes all the above-mentioned things, but one of the primary goals include converting the target customers into the potential audience. Therefore the message should be crafted in such a way so that the message can attract the audience and can get the message across in a positive way, with the aim that it will lead to the conversion of target customers to potential customers.

A call to action or CTA is of utmost importance. A message which is informative enough will definitely have more chances of grabbing people’s attention, but providing a little bit of extra information such as a link where people can click and get instant information about, or providing details such as contact numbers will definitely be more attractive as it will not only provide additional information but also increase the chances of users engagement.

Lastly, proper timing for conducting a campaign is very important because the marketer doesn’t want that the campaign should reach the people within a short notice so that the details aren’t registered in their minds. On the other hand, they don’t want the details are sent to the people almost a month prior to the event's date so that the people forget to look into it after a month. The timing should be that the people get the details and campaign at the right time so that they can go through it and take necessary actions on it. The SMS should reach them in a proper way so that they can go through the campaign, get in touch with the necessary people and make all the interactions before finally selecting their course of action.


Thus, it is not difficult to carry out SMS Marketing provided the basic details are looked after. Certain minute things should be kept in mind so that, the maximum ROI can be achieved at the right time. Indeed in today’s world, the evolution of SMS Marketing has taken mobile marketing to new heights.


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