How to get maximum ROI for SMS campaigns?
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By Onex Team, 21 Oct. 2019

In today’s world, SMS marketing has become one of the most effective ways to reach out to the audience within a stipulated time. This is not just cost-effective, but a mode of communication which is less troublesome. In any way, it is easier to connect to the clients.

The biggest advantage of SMS Marketing is that the investment is high, but often the ROI which is the Return on Investment is always higher. The reason is in case of SMS Marketing, it is possible to check the status of reports based on these metrics: “delivery rate”, “non-delivery rate”, “clicked rates”, “opened rates” etc. When these are checked and measured, the marketer will then have a clear idea about the various metrics. He can use these to identify how many new clients he has got, how many leads have been converted and how many are interested.

Once all these have been calculated and measured, the next most important part begins. Every marketer has to make initial investments for gaining profit and every campaign has a separate cost. After calculating one’s cost of campaigns, he/she will then use certain analytics tools for measuring the costs after conducting the SMS campaigns which will help him/her to understand the net ROI for his SMS campaigns. By conducting SMS campaigns one can definitely increase their chances of having high ROI.


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