How to compose SMS in 160 words?
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By Onex Team, 21 Aug. 2019

Many a times a great message can lose out a lot of importance just because of its style and its approach. Therefore, it should always be remembered that a message should always contain the most important matters and should be composed in the crispiest way so that it not only attracts the audience but also conveys the message to the audience with the right tone and beat. Here are some great ways to construct your message within a particular word limit.

1. Keep your message short and crisp:

No one likes to read long paragraphs with ornamental words and difficult phrases. The trick to reaching out to the audience is to keep your message short, crisp and simple so that people can identify what the main matter is and get a summary of it.


2. Make it interactive and engaging:

Making an SMS engaging might seem a difficult task. But putting in simple details such as ‘rate your experience’ or ‘reply with yes or no’, makes it exciting and interactive for the customers as well.


3. Too many CAPS may spoil your image:

Avoid using caps in any text message campaign. This will not only spoil the tone of the message but also make the message look too overpowering before the customers. Rather, keep the tone subtle by using lowercase letters.


4. Lastly, too much information may spoil the broth:

Always use minimum words and give the most important details, keeping aside the unnecessary details. A customer is always running out of time. The message should be written in such a way so that, the customer is able to grasp the matter after reading the very first line.


These are the tips if you want to compose your text message in the best way possible. So go ahead and make your message stand out amongst all.


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