Know The History

Know the History

Onex Solution is stationed in Kolkata for the last 7 years and presently are the No.1 Mobile Marketing Company, not only in Kolkata but in the whole of Eastern India. Having already worked with over 4000+ clients, Onex is now aiming to become the No.1 Mobile marketing company in the country.
Onex is now an established name in the digital marketing industry and is known for bulk SMS service, bulk email service and bulk voice call service. In Eastern India, Onex Solution is currently the front runner among the Bulk SMS service provider.

Our Customised designed solutions have helped industries like Real Estate, Education, Health, Automobile, Retail, e-Commerce to acquire and engage customers in a more efficient and orderly manner

About our Founder


Launched Onex Solutions in 2013.

After having worked with Ernst and Young for over a year, he decided to take a leap of faith and quit his job to have a go at his business venture, which presently has turned out to be a frontrunner in the digital marketing sector in Eastern India.

Thanks to Dipak’s hard work and dedication, in the first year itself, Onex Solution has recorded a turnover of 32 lakh rupees with around 500 clients and then a year later in 2015-16, the company touched a turnover of around 1.4 crore with 2,500 clients. The very next year, in 2016, client base reached to 3000 and the turnover was almost doubled to 2.7 crore rupees.

We are growing Bigger!

Having already worked with over 4000 clients and helping them reach their target, Onex Solutions Pvt Ltd. is now widening its horizon and hence is expanding across India in order to achieve its aim to become India’s No.1 Mobile Marketing Company.
Onex Solution is stationed in Kolkata for the last 7 years and presently, is the No.1 Text Marketing Company in the city and now through the distributorship model, we are expanding our wings in order to serve our clients more effectively and efficiently.

With the help of this distributorship model, we shall be expanding our reach to other geographical territory and gain more PAN India clients.

Havingworked in thisindustry with the biggest and the known brands for the last seven years, Onex Solutions have built a name for itself and is already a pioneer in the digital marketing industry, as a result the distributors would be reaping benefits for having an opportunity to work with an already established and successful brand, thus getting a foothold into the market becomes fairly straightforward.

Since our work and customer-oriented solutions makes us stand out, therefore, our products are more approachable and saleable in the market.